Come, be the Judge for yourself who is telling you the TRUTH based on the following compelling facts and evidences. Be sure to make the right choice because your ultimate eternal destiny – Heaven or Hell – is at stake!

1. Key Witnesses

a. Koran – It was written about 650 AD.

The Koran has only 1 witness – Mohammad (570 – 632 AD) – who recited and testified for around 23 years. He performed no miracle nor uttered any prophecy (History written in advance for us to know) to prove that his oral testimonies came from the All-knowing God.

Can truth be established by only 1 witness?

As Military Dictator-cum-Preacher, Mohammad willingly murdered people to force his testimony/religion on others. (For example, Mohammad ordered the beheading of 900 Jews who have already surrendered during the Battle of Qurayzah.)

b. Bible – It was written much earlier from 1500 BC to 90 AD.

The Bible has about 40 witnesses – from Moses to John – who consistently testified over a period of 1,600 years about Holy God’s love, justice and righteousness for mankind. They wrote or an associate wrote their testimonies after these were given to them by God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

They performed many miracles (e.g., raising the dead to life, making the born-lame walk, and the born-blind see, and others) and/or uttered prophecies (e.g., pinpointing the exact date of the first coming of the Messiah 550 years in advance, identifying the town where the Messiah be born 700 years before it happened, and many others) to prove that their oral/written testimonies came from the All-knowing God.

All of these witnesses were willing to die for their testimonies. And many of them were murdered by Unbelievers, while upholding their testimonies till death.

2. On Creation of the Universe

a. Koran – Allah created the universe in 6 days (Q7: 54, Q10: 3) and also a total of 8 days (Q41: 9-12).

b. Bible – God created the heavens and earth in 6 days. (Genesis 1: 1 – 2: 2).

3. On Creation of Man  (From what substance were people made?)

a. Koran – Allah created man from earth (Q11; 61), from blood clot (Q96: 1-2), from water (Q21: 30), burned clay (Q15: 26), dust (Q3: 59), nothing (Q19: 67) and thick fluid (Q16: 4, Q 73: 37).

b. Bible – God created the first man from the dust of the ground. (Genesis 2: 7).

4. The Earth

a. Koran – The earth is flat and suspended on mountains, so it won’t move when you move. (Q31: 10, 71: 19).

b. Bible –The earth is a round sphere when viewed from above. (Isaiah 42: 22).

5. The Sun

a. Koran – The sun sets on muddy waters. (Q18: 85-86).

b. Bible – The sun orbits in the heavens on a circuit. (Psalm 19: 6).

6. On Mary 

a. Koran – Mary, the surrogate mother of Jesus, is the same woman as, Miriam, the sister of Aaron. (Q19: 28).

b. Bible – Mary lived in 30 AD (Luke 2) while Miriam (sister of Aaron) lived in 1500 BC (Exodus 15) hence, they were not the same person.

7. On Haman 

a. Koran – a man named Haman, a servant of Pharaoh during the time of Moses, built the high tower of Babel to ascend to God (Q28: 38, Q40: 23-25, 36-37).

b. Bible – Haman lived during the time of Esther in 2000 BC (Esther 7); Nimrod lived much earlier (Genesis 10: 8-9), even before the Flood during the time of Noah in 3500 BC; while the Pharaoh lived during the time of Moses in 1500 BC (Exodus 7).

It should be noted that although the Bible was already written during 620 AD, Mohammad was not able to read it. He got his Bible stories transmitted to him orally during his days as worker and manager of caravans.

Without verification, these Bible stories were not retold truthfully from one person to another – some made additions and some made subtractions in the process –  and so the facts of Mohammad on Bible stories got jumbled. And thus, based on the above compelling evidences, the Koran’s Allah became not All-knowing and confused like his Messenger – Mohammad.

So, who do you think is telling the TRUTH based on the above credibility and testimonies of the above witnesses – the KORAN or the BIBLE?

And where would you entrust the most crucial, the most valuable and the most important part of your life – your ultimate eternal destiny whether in Heaven or in Hell – to the TRUTH or otherwise?

Jesus Christ – whose 1 of His 3 offices is being The Prophet –  performed more miracles and uttered more prophecies than anyone who ever lived here on earth and He declared, “I am the way and the TRUTH and the life. No one comes to the Father (God in Heaven) except through me.” (John 14: 6). He proved His declarations by resurrecting from the dead and ascending back to Heaven.

And now, after knowing the TRUTH, when you absolutely, positively want to be with God in the Bible’s Heaven (not the Koran’s Paradise) someday, forever then, come and see @ .

You’ll be very glad you did, because you can now have peace of mind with regards to your ultimate eternal destiny!

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