A. What can this eBook do for you?

1. As an Unbeliever – When you absolutely, positively want to be in Heaven with God someday, forever, then this eBook, “How to Get to HEAVEN Someday, Forever”, is for you.

Oozing with compelling facts and solid evidences (FACT), this eBook will help you wisely make the greatest decision (FAITH) now, so you can surely get the greatest gift of your life: You in Heaven someday, forever! (FEELING of assured salvation)

Hence, it is not just an eBook, it’s your ultimate eternal destiny – either Heaven with God, the ultimate unending Pleasure or Hell with Satan, the ultimate unending Pain.

It’s your choice!

2. As a Believer (Biblical Christian) This eBook, “How to Get to HEAVEN Someday, Forever”, will help you understand deeper your faith: WHAT to Believe, WHY Believe and WHO to Believe.

This means you can now confidently and boldly share your faith to anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

And when you want to share the Gospel of God’s Grace (thus fulfilling Jesus Christ’s Great Commission to us) so that your loved ones and friends can also surely (100%) get to Heaven someday, you may give this eBook, “How to Get to HEAVEN Someday, Forever” as your timeless, priceless and endless gift to them.

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