When I was born in 1956, I, George C. Villanueva, was baptized as a Catholic, was confirmed a Catholic and after 25 years, I got married to my wife, Corinne, also a Catholic, in Catholic rites.

As a boy, I tried my best to be a Catholic: attending mass, doing confessions and communions, making novenas, praying the rosary, joining processions, and others.

Every year, and always a cycle, I always look forward to: 

  1. Christmas in December – This period commemorates the birth of Jesus until He becomes a child, a well-dressed Sto. Nino, comes January.
  1. Easter in either March or April – This period commemorates Jesus, the Black Nazarene carrying the cross in kingly garments on Good Friday, His crucifixion with minimal wounds, and His resurrection from the dead -now a white man – on Easter Sunday.

In 1978, while I was in college, Pope Paul VI died. Cardinal Sin (The Head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines) requested the faithful Filipino Catholics to “pray for the Pope’s soul that it may soon reach the well-deserved bliss”. 

Being an ordinary Catholic, I asked myself, “If the good Cardinal Sin is not sure whether Pope Paul VI is going to Heaven or not, being just a laity, what are my chances of going there someday when I die?” 

Then, I thought, “Perhaps the Lord God wouldn’t want to put me in suspense with regards to my eternal destiny. I just don’t know yet.” This is the seed that started my quest to know if there’s a sure way of getting to Heaven someday.    

Ten years later, in 1988, while I was working at Jollibee, an officemate, Architect Raoul Isidro, casually told me that there’s a sure way of getting to Heaven someday. And then, He lent me a comic book entitled, “King of Kings”, for me to read. 

As I started reading the “King of Kings” comic book, I verified its contents through the verses of the Bible. And God honoured my seeking of the Truth by providing me an answer to the desire of my heart: By God’s grace alone, though faith in His Way, I can or anyone can be sure of going to Heaven someday! 

Over the years, I read the whole Bible, attended Sunday Services to know more about God and His Word, studied Bible-related books, attended Bible studies, and collected and jot down notes. 

By the way, did you know that 27% (1 out 4 verses) of the Bible is Prophecy – History written in advance for us to know and heed? 

Only the All-Wisdom God knows the future, right? In His love, God shared to us a glimpse of our future so we may know for sure what it holds for us. And so, God gave us more than 1,000 prophecies (so far, closed to 70% have been fulfilled in accurate details) as written in His one-and-only Book, the Bible, to guide us. 

Through the abovementioned valuable inputs, I was able to compile the contents and eventually, was able to write this eBook entitled, “How to Get to HEAVEN Someday, Forever”. 

My new desire now is to share the Gospel of God’s Grace in details (via this eBook, How to Get to HEAVEN someday, Forever) to as many people as possible, so that, like me, they may be assured (100 %) that Heaven will be their ultimate eternal destiny someday. 

I pray to gracious and merciful God that you’ll be one of these people who will heed His very important invitation: 

“I tell you the Truth, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.” (2 Corinthians 6: 2). 

Let anyone who has ears to hear it, let her hear it … and be saved. 

If you have done so, please allow me to be the first to welcome you as a new member of the eternal family of God!

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